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My D&D character art is up! - Noumenon [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My D&D character art is up! [May. 28th, 2009|09:18 am]
AvatarArt.com has finished illustrating my very first D&D character! His name is Chroma, and he's standing underneath a thin magical membrane holding back a boiling underwater lake -- the "boiling bubble" from the classic D&D adventure White Plume Mountain. Here he is (click on picture for the larger size):

Here's how I described Chroma when I commissioned the art:
Description: A D&D wizard who uses spells like Color Spray to blind opponents with all the colors of the rainbow.

A chameleon familiar, shifting colors from red to yellow. His name is Skittles.

An ankle-length black robe with a thin gold braid spiraling around the body twice and up the right arm. Beside the gold braid is one of dark green, blue, and red for a rainbow effect.

Holding his dagger overhead in his right hand, pommel up, point down. The prism in the pommel is emitting a flare of colored light. His other hand has a rainbow swirl around it, the start of a Rainbow Pattern or Color Spray spell.

Chroma's schtick is color; his favorite spells are Color Spray, Glitterdust (in red, green, and blue glitter), and Rainbow Pattern. The prism in his dagger's pommel is the focus for Rainbow Pattern, but it's also enchanted with the cantrip Flare. Chroma's too flashy to go totally invisible and sneak attack people, so the flare when he hits advertises his presence and dazzles them for a round. He can also pop a flare to give him +5 on his Bluff check to feint in combat and set up a sneak attack.
I think it's amazing how well AvatarArt was able to match the image I had in my head, while adding tons of little details. And I'm especially grateful they went through all the rounds of revisions necessary to create the boiling bubble, which I didn't have fixed in my head from the start. In the beginning, I thought the most I could expect them to create was a portrait of Chroma standing outside White Plume Mountain, which would basically have been a tiny volcano in the background. But the background just kept getting more dynamic and interesting the more ideas I bounced off them.

I'm hoping I can find someone to print it so it will look as good as it does on my computer screen. Big props to AvatarArt!

From: (Anonymous)
2009-05-30 03:40 pm (UTC)

His right or my right?

So Chroma's a lefty now?

At any rate, I'm amazed at how much the rainbow spiral from your mini (which took forever to paint) looks super-fitting in full-art form.

- Tick
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From: noumignon
2009-06-01 12:54 pm (UTC)

Re: His right or my right?

Ha ha -- good catch! I wouldn't notice, because when I look at myself in a mirror that's where I expect my right hand to be.

My mini has been making me happy ever since you helped me find it. I have it on my dresser right now, surrounded by standup paper tokens of giant fire beetles and whatever other monsters I have been running in D&D.
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